Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Stocking for your Dog

This time of year always makes me excited for the Christmas holidays ahead and nervous for the chaos that accompanies them.   All I know is that I have 4 different sewing projects on the go and I need to start finishing them before most of my free time runs out!

One of the smaller projects on the agenda was a Christmas stocking for Putter (my dog) and with the total time for this project being less than an hour, I felt it was the right one to complete!

Now I'm sure we can all agree that a stocking in the shape of well, a stocking could potentially be a "pet Peeve" (worst joke ever) so I thought a more canine friendly version might be nice!  What better than sewing a cute bone to fill with your pooches favourite things!

So the first steps in making the dog bone stocking is to determine the size you want and the fabric you want.  Once decided,  draw out the pattern and then cut it out of your fabric.

Lay your fabric right sides out and pin the ribbon that your stocking will be hanging from between the fabric in the spot you'd like it to be.

I chose to do a zigzag stitch.  Sew all the way around through both fabrics except leave the top.  This will be your opening so sew them as 2 separate pieces still with the zig zag stitch.

Lastly, tie a big ribbon around it!

Complete!  I think Putter likes it :)

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