Monday, October 24, 2011

Storing For The Winter Like A Good Little Ant!

It's October and the weather has started cool which means that some craft blogging is under way!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to join in on some canning.  Being one of those people that makes a B-line straight to the preserves in any country store, you can only imagine how excited I got when I received the invite!

The process of canning is not as difficult as you may think, however, it is time consuming so be sure to carve out most of the day to do it.  We decided to make Mango Chutney and Lemon Honey Apple Jam - the aroma's that filled the home were out of this world!

Chopping all the ingredients was the most time consuming but a big cup of coffee + great conversation made the time wizz by.

Ready to be cooked in the pot!

You need to sterilize your jars so heat in the dishwasher does the trick.

At the same time as the food is cooking you can boil your lids.

Look at all the juices!  It's breaking down nicely :)

The final product is so rewarding, especially after you taste how yummy it is!

Thank you Kim and Annie for an amazing weekend!  The art of canning will remain in my heart forever :)