Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reflective Dog Collar

Those of you out there with black dogs can relate to how hard it is to find your pet in the dark!  Below is a picture illustrating Putter at night :)

This is why we needed a reflective collar for our little boy!

What you need:

Nylon Webbing
Reflective ribbon
Plastic or metal buckle (mine was plastic)

* I purchased everything from Fabricland and all the supplies for this project should cost you less than $10 -you should have plenty leftover as well :)

Step 1.  Measure length and sew reflective ribbon onto webbing.

Step 2.  Sew buckle on each end.

Such an easy project!!!

(Putter's signature pose "sleeping")
It needs to be worn with his other collar (what we clip his leash to) so I made his reflective collar a bit lose for comfort.

Also a great idea for any dog that goes camping, hiking or likes the outdoors!