Thursday, March 24, 2011

Enamel Coated Glass Bottles

Here's a new way to recycle old jars and bottles!  Transform your glass containers into beautiful vases by coating them with enamel paint.

For my project I used white enamel, which shows up as different shades of green depending on the tint of the glass.

What you need:

Glass Jars
Dishwasher-safe Enamel Paint
Paint's Surface Conditioner 

The paint and Conditioner is found at most craft stores - I got mine at Michaels.  


1. Wash the bottle inside and out with warm soapy water and let dry. 

2. Pour in a small bit of the paint's surface conditioner - this primes the glass for the enamel.  Make sure to coat evenly and pour out excess.  Stand bottle upright and dry for an hour. (Read the label of your conditioner but mine said I had to use it within 4 hours of application)

3. Pour in enough enamel to coat the inside. Swirl around slowly making sure to coat evenly and not to miss any spots - return excess to the container for reuse. 

4. Dry bottle upside down on paper towel for 48 hours.  During the first hour, periodically wipe excess enamel from the rim with a damp cloth. 

Next time you're at a flea market (I know all the time right?), buy up some old unique jars and watch how beautiful you can make them!