Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Square Pouch Tutorial

Back from vacation and itching for a new project!   I decided to sew a new makeup pouch (a small enough project to use the last bit of my favourite fabric "Beach Boys".)

I found the idea on Three Bears and adjusted the measurements a bit.

1. Cut two 9' x 12' pieces of fabric

Because my fabric was so thin I decided to add interfacing to it.  It not only makes the fabric stiffer but it also becomes a sort of lining.

2.  Fold over and press 1/2 inch (this is where you will sew the zipper so make sure the folds are at the top of your fabric.

If your zipper isn't long enough (like mine)  add two folded tabs at each end.  To make these tabs fold fabric in half and press, then fold each end in 1/4' and press again.
If you have a long zipper this step is not necessary.

3. Sew on your zipper.  Look how cute those beach boys are!

4. Sew a seam at the bottom of your pouch.  This will attach the two pieces at the bottom.

5. Now open it up so the bottom seam and zipper are aligned.  Pin your sides and sew.

This next step is a bit tricky to explain.

6. Pinch the corners out and pin.

Looks like a chicken lol.

Anyway, keep pinching to the size and shape of box you would like.  Use a ruler to measure each corner.

7. Then sew each corner on all four sides.

8. Cut your corners 1/2' from seam and then turn right side out.

My new pouch!