Sunday, March 6, 2011

Harman Kardon Piggy Bank

While doing some early "spring cleaning" I came across an old Harman Kardon iSub that has been sitting in my closet for years!

Learning that it wasn't even compatible with anything that I owned, I knew I had to get rid of it.  It seemed like such a shame, the iSub just looks so cool!

After a final attempt to find it a new home with my neighbours (which failed) Mark came up with the brilliant idea of making it into a piggy bank!

Here are some photo's of the process and the very cool looking bank!

Everything had to be unscrewed and the bottom speaker needed to be taken out

All the parts for the bank

The final product!  

It's pretty fun dropping the coins in and aiming for the different holes.....looks like something you'd see at a Science Center.

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