Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Neat As A Button

Look how cute these little guys are!  My fridge is covered with these buttons and I have to say that they are a great addition!   Not only are they small and cute, they can be quite strong depending on the magnets you use.   This is a very easy project so let's get started!


What You Will Need

  1. Magnets
  2. Fabric
  3. Pliers
  4. Scissors
  5. Cover Button Kit  (found at Fabricland)
  6. Glue (Strong)

Cut a circle from your fabric.  Size will be specified on your Button Kit.

Using your pliers, remove the metal hook off the back of portion of the button.

Place the top half of your button on top of the wrong side of fabric and then push down into the white mold. 

While still in the mold fold down the fabric ends ( I add a bit of glue to secure) and top with the back portion of the button.  Push down to make sure its secure.

Pop the fished button from the mold.  Add glue to the back of the button and attach the magnet.

Allow to dry and then admire your finished project!


  1. Did you take the step by step photos of the button making process yourself?!?

  2. Yes- hope they help explain the process...

  3. You made me want to fix my old sewing machine and find my old glue gun. Glue guns are fun!
    I really need a 'nice' apron, so when you made a few more, I'm happy to be a customer. You never know, this could be a start of something big!