Monday, January 31, 2011

Guest Blogger - Shop Addict

From time to time I am hoping to have some guest bloggers come onto my site and share some of their favourite tips!  

Today, we have a friend of mine that was not only born to shop but has made a career from it!  She always gives me great advice when it comes to home accessorizing, finding a good sale and the importance of an "emergency shoe fund".

written by, 
Shop Addict

How many of you online shop?  It seems like there is a clear division between people that swear by this concept and those who fear it.  I recently took a leap into the "online" world and was glad I did because it seems like there are some good deals to be had with a bit of digging. 

In a quest for a new winter coat last year I stumbled upon Montreal based designer Soia Koy.
The design of these coats are to die for and they are manufactured right here in Canada. The quality is
amazing with clean lines, chunky buttons and a surprise pop of color in the lining that I just love!

The coat I wanted in store was $500. As much as I felt I deserved this splurge it would have to be a treat for myself the following  year. As a teaser, I went to check out their website just to see what other designs they had. I was thrilled when I saw that all the coats were marked down 50 – 60% off of their list price!
I ordered my coat for $235, taxes and shipping. And I got a fantastic Soia Koy hanger with delivery! What a steal.
Have a look ladies because that same year end sale is going on right now!

It didn't take long for me to find another excuse to cyber shop and upon realization I will be travelling more for work I knew exactly what needed to be done. 

I've always liked Heys luggage, I love the hard case concept and the fun array of colors and designs they come in. They even
make eco friendly bags made out of recycled water bottles. And wow, another Canadian company!!

Since window shopping on the web has become my new favorite hobby, I fired up my friend the net
book when I got home and Googled Heys to see what I could find. And what I found was extremely
exciting – list prices half or a third of what is offered at retail!!

I purchased the XCase – the quintessential Heys bag, boasting “the lightest carryon bag in the world”.
There are 15 colors to choose from in the shiny finish and 3 colors in the matte finish. I choose the Plum
bag for myself.

The bag cost $96 with taxes and delivery (not the $250 I had priced out in the stores).  It came from their warehouse in Mississauga, so I received the bag by UPS the very next day.

Online shopping can be intimidating at first but give it a chance - you'll be able to treat yourself more often with all the money you save!

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